Your Record of Note

We keep records. We keep them for reference. We keep them for safe guarding. We keep them to notice changes in patterns. But what happens when you go on holidays? Can you easily access attendance from last Spring? What happens when you borrow a few players from the team below? Can you easily glean insights from your records?

How it works

  1. With your squad and activity setup, recording attendance couldn't be easier. Simply open SURPASSPORT, locate the activity and tap the SET ATTENDANCE button.
  2. Tap the mentor row to set / unset attendance for each coach and SAVE when done.
  3. Tap each player as they arrive. That's it!
  4. Need to uncheck a player? Just tap the player entry again, and CONFIRM.
  5. Done.

Attendance & Workload

SURPASSPORT uniquely uses the attendance records, combined with the activity intensity & duration, to calculate a Workload value for each athlete. This happens automatically and requires no further interaction from the coaches.

However, in some cases, the coach may wish to acknowledge a lesser or stronger than usual exertion by an individual. This is easily recorded using the relative intensity option on the right-hand side of each attendance record.

The scale is based on the Borg scale, well understood by Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and presented with easily understood labels for regular use.

Read more about Workload.

Monitoring Fun

Two hours after each player is marked as present, a notice is sent to ask "How did Lucy enjoy today's Skills Coaching?" with a 4-point smiley face feedback panel. This gives parents, or the player themselves, to offer feedback that might otherwise be harder to get if a timely manner.

Read more about Monitoring Fun.

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