Available to Play?

Planning and Preparation

Competitive play is a key element of helping to reward coaching, build resilience and to enjoy pitting skills against other teams. Committing to a league or blitz is a responsibility that coaches take in their stride, but can be frustrated waiting for responses from parents when asked to play. SURPASSPORT has this process at its core.

How it works

  1. Setup the activity, and select the players required.
  2. Optionally, ask for support from another squad.
  3. Enable the "TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS" if it's an away fixture and if you share lifts.
  4. User the "ASK AVAILABLE" option to send notifications for each of the assigned players.
  5. Availability status automatically updates as each player (or their parent) responds.

    1. If the player is unavailable, a reason is shown on the team listing.
    2. An overview of travel arrangements allows you to ensure that there are enough drivers.

Automatic reminders

A reminder automatically issues 24 hours before the activity to all players who were not unavailable, including those from the supporting squad.

Change notifications

If the time or location change, a notification issues.

If the date changes, and if the activity has received responses, then all responses are cleared and the notification requesting availability is reissued afresh.

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