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Sports teams generate a fantastic sense of community and belonging. However, they can also generate a fantastic level of chatter that can drown out those messages that are important. Parents to also coach teams face the additional challenge of their kids' availability becoming lost in the noise of organising fixtures.

SURPASSPORT differs from other team communication tools, including SMS, email and social messaging apps, in that it sends only relevant and useful notifications from your teams into a single, clear channel with built-in action buttons as needed.

Notification messages are delivered to the app, as push alerts and as a backup by email, unless you already viewed it. Those messages which require a response remain pinned on your homepage, linked to the corresponding activity and include buttons to allow you to respond quickly and easily.

If you share access to the athlete profile with another guardian or carer, their notification will automatically update to reflect your response, helping to avoid double responses or indeed those that slipped through the gaps.

Some notifications are fleeting. For example, a reminder issued 24 hours in advance of the event will automatically vanish when the event completes, reducing clutter as much as possible.

SURPASSPORT messaging isn't just for parents. As just mentioned, the reminders issue automatically before an activity, and only for the athletes assigned to it. If the time or location change, then a corresponding notice is automatically issued.

Same for when the date is changed, except that if availability was requested, then the responses are reset and each is requested afresh. And if the event is cancelled, that of course is issued too.

Generally, the combination of push notification and email works for most users. SURPASSPORT also supports the scenario where parents wish to receive actionable message alerts by SMS, and a bundle of messages can be prepaid from within their app profile page.

In the event that some team members have not yet activated, the coach has a fallback option of SURPASSPORT preparing the message to be sent using the SMS facility on their device.

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