Private by Design

Shared and Secure

SURPASSPORT enables secure sharing of juvenile athlete data, much as happens in face to face conversations. Data can only be accessed by coaches, teachers and guardians authorised to do so, either by a parent, school principal or the club player welfare officer. We hold your data in trust and work hard to ensure it remains protected and secure.

How it works

The principal or club welfare officer have master control over access to team records, and by extension to individual athlete data. They invite the appropriate coach or teacher to each team, and they must, of course, confirm the registration to SURPASSPORT.

The coach then configures the athletes to the team or squad, providing a basic profile and their primary contact, usually a parent. This creates the athlete profile and sends a notice to the contact.

If the contact is not an existing user, they are invited to activate their profile, and thereby have access to, and control over the athlete profile. Existing users can accept the athlete profile, avoiding duplication where possible. Parents can optionally choose to keep each team's activity separate, but this prevents the workload score and activity summary from being shared, and thereby increasing the risks of injury due to incomplete information.

The athlete's authorised contact can extend access to their partner, the child's minder or grandparent, as deemed appropriate, and to facilitate the childcare arrangements that exist in today's world.

When the child plays in multiple teams, parents can extend an invitation for those coaches to join them on SURPASSPORT, but each team's coach must initiate that connection following the process outlined above.

Only authorised users can access the athlete's profile.

General Data Protection Regulation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 and requires that all organisations treat data with due respect. This also applies to schools and sports clubs, with particular attention to information relating to juveniles.

The security and data access model core to SURPASSPORT ensure the club executive and school management implement controls in a consistent manner across all teams and codes, going a long way towards GDPR compliance at a practical level. Communications, team sheets, parent contact numbers and medical information are no longer stored in emails, spreadsheets and printouts. Whoever needs access can be authorised in a controlled manner, only as their role intended.

Athlete and mentor data is held on a legitimate interest basis, as an extension of their club membership or student registration, with the SURPASSPORT platform acting as Data Processor to the club's Data Controller.

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