Supporting Players

Part of the Team

Playing up an age group is an integral part of building experience and bridging skills across the club. However, because this is generally considered an exception, the regular notification and information processes less complete than for the regular team.

How it works

  1. The organising coach invites the supporting squad mentor(s) to assign players for the activity, generally a fixture.
  2. The supporting coach receives a notification and considers which players to share. They are attached to the activity and the organising coach receives a notification.
  3. The activity then lists all players and the organising coach sees them as if they were a regular squad member.
  4. The parents can see the activity in their child's stream, and are included in all notifications associated with the match, including the availability confirmation and any change alerts.

  1. The organising coach(s) records attendance as players arrive and supporting players are included for jerseys, team positions and matchplay worksheets.
  2. A couple of hours after the match, all players are asked How they enjoyed the match.

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