Jerseys and Positions

In advance, or pitchside

Being prepared for a match avoids wasting time, helps in strategic planning and gives the illusion of being in charge. On a more serious note, most competitions require the team playing to be submitted to the referee, the competition coordinator and also the opposing coach or manager.

How it works

Teamsheets and related coaching tools are designed to help planning, managing and recording competitive encounters.

  1. For League / Cup Match, Challenge Match and Blitz / Tournament activity types, enable match tracking using the MATCH DETAILS + and set the opponent details.
  2. Open the match details and the tools are then available.

  1. To allocate jerseys, tap the jersey number, and select the player.
  2. Repeat and save when complete.
  3. Export to CSV file or PDF, if needed.

  1. To set starting positions, ensure that the team size for the fixture is correctly set.
  2. Tap the player, and then tap the position to assign. Or tap in the reverse order.
  3. Repeat for all positions and save when complete.

For younger squads, a general pattern for introductory leagues is to arrange the fixture, but perhaps to play two or three concurrent small sided matches (perhaps 7 or 8 a side). SURPASSPORT supports this by allowing the players to be split into multiple panels, and so manage team sheets, positions and optionally matchplay for each panel.

Integration with

Where the team competes in a competition organised using LeagueManager, fixtures automatically synchronise with your team's activities, and match tracking is automatically enabled, along with the opponent details.

LeagueManager also helps improve data privacy, removing the need to share teamsheets and sharing a pass/fail indicator on whether the team meets the competition requirements instead. For example, this avoids sharing dates of birth, but assures that all players meet the age requirements.

Read more about LeagueManager ➚

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