Travel Arrangements

Getting There Together

Managing "away" fixtures is ad-hoc at best. And yet, most teams meet at the club before setting off. Ever waited more than needed because some players decided to go directly? Or ever left before the last player made it to the carpark? Or ever wondered who is bringing your child there and back?

How it works

  1. The coach enables the activity for TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS.
  2. The notification requesting Availability ➠ extends the confirmation to allow the player to set their travel option.
  3. The activity shows an up to date overview of each player's responses, allowing better planning ahead of time.

  1. On the day of the match, the coach tracking all players in the club carpark knows who's going direct.
  2. Those needing a lift are also noted. The coach can select them and assign them to a driver.
  3. Their parents then receive a notification confirming this assignment, which includes a Call button for the driver, should it be needed.
  4. The driver also has the player's emergency contact button(s) for the assign kids on their SURPASSPORT home screen, just in case.

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