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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

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Feature: Individual Feedback

Coaching, especially for children, relies on giving regular, timely and constructive feedback.

In a team setting, you probably have a quick chat in the dressing room after a match. But what about training? Was everyone mentioned? Do you remember what was said the last time? And when?


Maturation at WIT Arena

Many thanks to John Windle and the team at WIT Arena for hosting SURPASSPORT Maturation Assessment in their High Performance Gym to determine Biological Age and Growth Timing as part of their Summer Soccer Academy programme.


Do you bin green bananas?

Some are ready to eat now. Some tomorrow. And some need a few days longer. One thing you are assured of, each of the bananas will ripen, given a little patience.

Children also develop at their own pace. Any group of boys aged 12 years will clearly demonstrate a 5 year spread in their maturation, visible in height and muscle structure.


Poll Results: Strength Training for Girls

A poll run on Twitter @SURPASPORT over a 24 hour period, with a response of 546 votes on a question of "When is the best time an early maturing girl should start strength (resistance) training?", indicates a high level of misconception amongst the general public.

Only 10-25% of respondents selected the appropriate stage in school, depending ...


News: Local Enterprise Awards 2019

SURPASSPORT shortlisted for South Dublin Local Enterprise Awards 2019 under the Innovation category.

Adrian Geissel, Director and Founder with SURPASSPORT said: "it\s a great honour to receive this endorsement for our business after only a few short months, especially given the other great companies entered for the awards.


News: PE/XPO 2019

Congratulations to Miriam Murphy from Scoil Mhuire Gan Small, Blarney, Cork and to Aisling Flood, Nadine O'Brien and Tara Hegarty from St. Bricins College, Belturbet, Cavan


Feature: Tracking RPE

As juvenile players progress into competitive squads, traditional workload tracking requires each athlete recording their subjective "Rate of Perceived Exertion" ("RPE") for each session. This is now available as an optional feature on SURPASSPORT.


News: Funding Approved

We're delighted to have received notice that our application for funding support has been approved!

The funding goes a long way towards developing the infrastructure, both technical and operational, to bring a second major branch of sports science to the SURPASSPORT platform, with the aim of helping parents and coaches better plan for training and development.