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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

SURPASSPORT helps clubs eliminate data privacy blindspots, puts safeguarding first and monitors fun for player retention.

We simply call this Player Welfare.

SURPASSPORT simplifies what are volunteer roles, and to ease handover between officers when needed, even at sub-committee level. Whether its tracking vetting status, updating player membership status or organising a summer camp, SURPASSPORT has it sorted. Parents love the clear view of their children's upcoming schedules.

Purpose built for participation and management, SURPASSPORT uniquely supports sharing of pertinent information in a secure and compliant manner. Contact details, workload scoring, medical notes, registration status are always available to those who need to know, and not when they don't. Notifications are only issued to those involved, and availability status goes straight to the teamsheet.

Adopting SURPASSPORT for your club goes beyond satisfying moral and statutory obligations. More informed coaching helps correct the bias towards early developers, improves retention and helps your squads stay stronger as the kids realign into adulthood.

That immediately equates to sustainable teams, increased membership and active participation - that's the real success. Trophies may well follow!

Key Features


GDPR compliant communications, only for members who need to know

Records Keeping

Standardise records keeping across all squads & codes

Mentor Vetting

Dashboard overview with automatic notification for vetting renewal

Medical Notes

Parental medical concerns, especially for players who support your teams

Controlled Access

Children's Officer and Registrar only control who can access records

Monitoring Fun

Keep a measure on the one reason everyone plays sport

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Used by

  • Basketball Ireland

    Tracking workload and more for the Irish Juvenile International squads.

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

  • Naas GAA

    Coordinating Juvenile Hurling team availability and attendance.

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