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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

Coaching sports should be the main focus of the time you spend on the pitch and at training sessions. Unfortunately, too often admin tasks take over.

Enter SURPASSPORT, the app designed by a coach for coaches, to simplify running a team, especially when coaching players who play on multiple teams and represent several clubs and school. Spend less time notifying players’ parents; keep all the information you need to plan training in one place; and know if your team are prepared for competitive play. No more standing on the sidelines in wet weather, with a soggy ring-binder of consent forms and confidential medical information. SURPASSPORT allows you to access all the information you need on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you start using SURPASSPORT you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Record attendance with a single tap; share information with fellow coaches and send automated messages to parents notifying them of training and match dates. Find out who needs a lift to the away fixture and who can provide one. Automatically ask parents to record their child’s enjoyment after every training session or match and track it over time. Changes in enjoyment can be an early indicator that a child is demotivated, giving you an opportunity to intervene with the child and their parent to figure out what’s happening.

SURPASSPORT is packed with lots of clever features designed to make your coaching life easier – so that you can have a life outside coaching! Clashing fixtures within club or school are automatically highlighted, with the players who are caught in the middle. This streamlines planning for coaches, parents and teachers.

SURPASSPORT is child-centred in its design, so you can use it to help young players reduce risks of injury through overtraining, particularly important when they play for more than one team or play several sports. For players returning from injury, SURPASSPORT coordinates their recovery and readiness, helping to avoid re-injury.

SURPASSPORT is fully GDPR compliant, so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about. The only thing it can’t do is change the weather, sorry.

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Key Features


Easily record who was there and report across the team

Medical Notes

Medical concerns, including players supporting your team

Bibs on Arrival

Auto-allocate bibs for structured randomness and new friends


Realtime insight into each player's workload: high, normal or low

Monitoring Fun

Feedback on 'fun' is automatically requested after every event

Individual Feedback

Coaching children requires regular, timely and constructive feedback

Team Sheets

Allocate jerseys & positions and generate team sheets, including names as Gaeilge


Track who received tickets, what tickets were sold and how much was raised


Automatic reminders, change notifications and only GDPR-friendly team messages

Match Play

Record scores, scorers, assists and substitutions as they happen

More Information

Clashing fixtures within the club or school context are proactively highlighted, along with the players who are caught in the overlap, making planning easier. Once availability is requested, status updates automatically in the team sheet.

SURPASSPORT includes many other practical tools, such as recording activity breakdown, individual player well-being tracking, team-sheets and matchplay tracking, building into long term record for the team and club.

Sports Science

Workload awareness becomes important from age 10 onwards, especially when mid-week training is introduced, schools include competitive games and weekend leagues become more competitive.

Understanding workload, associated risks of injury, coupled with regular feedback on how the kids are enjoying themselves cover the essentials on knowing if they're playing a sustainable level of sport.

SURPASSPORT uniquely derives a measure of workload from attendance records, making this measure accessible to all juvenile athletes of all standards.

Biological Age and Growth Timing are central to a Child Centred Coaching approach, helping to understand not just what LTAD stage each juvenile player is at, but also to identify which of speed, stamina or strength training is particularly opportune for each.

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Used by

  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

  • Naas GAA

    Coordinating Juvenile Hurling team availability and attendance.

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

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