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Insight and Player Welfare

SURPASSPORT enables athlete-centric team management, including fixture planning, attendance tracking and match records, and applies the best of sports science to athlete data, for all abilities. Workload score, medical notes and emergency contacts are always shown for each athlete on team sheets, allowing coach to plan accordingly.


SURPASSPORT is much more than a team management tool, but makes the basics much easier. Mark attendance with a single tap. Duplicate today's training by simply setting a new date. Know who needs a lift to the next away fixture, and who has space in their car to bring them. Always have parent contact details to hand, especially for players supporting you on this occasion.

Clashing fixtures within the club or school context are proactively highlighted, along with the players who are caught in the overlap, making planning easier. Once availability is requested, status updates automatically in the team sheet.

Workload scoring help you prepare for key competitions by ensuring that each kid is training consistently and help you to identify those who may benefit from an extra session or two, at which the busier players can rest. When a player is highlighted as being at risk, you have sufficient insight and detail to have an informed conversation with their parents and look to bring them along in a measured manner.

It's not just about physical fitness. SURPASSPORT measures "fun" as part of an automated message to the parent of each child a couple of hours after each activity, asking "How did Pauline enjoy today's Challenge Match", for example. Returning one of four smiley faces helps to build a pattern of enjoyment per child, per event. Changes in this pattern can be an early warning for drop-off, allowing the coach to have a proactive conversation with the parent, and hopefully keep the kid involved for longer.

SURPASSPORT includes some 'toys' as well. Easily assign jerseys. Set starting positions. Track the play and timing of scores, recording scorer, assisted by and second assist, plus substitutions and more.


Easily record who was there and report across the team


Realtime insight into each player's workload, whether high, normal or low


Enter fixtures as they are published and request availability from players

Team Sheets

Allocate jerseys & positions and generate team sheets, including names as Gaeilge

Match Play

Record scores, scorers, assists and substitutions as they happen

Monitoring Fun

Request feedback after every event, to learn and detect changes


Automatic reminders, change notifications and only team messages

Medical Notes

Highlight medical concerns, including players drafted to support your team


Only users with authorisation can access records, as they would in the real world

Getting started with a pilot

Only rarely are we asked to implement SURPASSPORT unseen, nor do we expect this as the best rollout option. Running a pilot with a team or two is the easiest way for a club to get the know the App and to train up some experts internally.

We are completely supportive of a structured approach to introducing SURPASSPORT to the club. We generally start with one team, who perhaps are supporting an older team, or whose players are involved in a variety of sports, making fixtures a challenge, or simply because the coach wishes to simplify the management of the group.

No matter the why, the following steps are common to bringing the team onboard:

  1. Contact us with your intent to run a trial. We will immediately check and tell you if another Club member already registered the Club. This is important, as there should only be a single account for the Club, to avoid confusion or potential issues with your members. And don't worry - we're here to help.
  2. Speak to your Club's Children's Officer or Registrar - they are the owner of the data, have admin rights, and will become the bill payer should all go to plan. For a pilot, they need not be directly involved, but their name, email and mobile number are required.
  3. Once your Club is registered (should only take a few moments while we're online), you'll receive access to your Team. You can then add your players, or import the complete squad from a CSV file (easily generated from your spreadsheet software), with a sample template provided within the App.
  4. In our experience, you will probably want to trial the Supporting Players option, which means setting up another team. Your Children's Officer or Registrar will need to activate their login and then add teams and coaches.
  5. That's it. We are here to support you to ensure that your pilot is successful. Please ask us for assistance at any time. It would also be good to hear some positives, so share those too.
  6. If you don't want to progress from the pilot, you only need to clear down your data to bring this to a close. Please do say why, so that we can look to address these shortfalls and build a better product.
  7. When the pilot is a winner(!), you don't need to do anything. Simply work with your Children's Officer and Registrar to include the remaining teams. SURPASSPORT will automatically activate billing once the Club's usage passes sensible thresholds and will automatically issue billing notifications.

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