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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

SURPASSPORT in support of coaching for
Player & Skills Development

Sport, no matter the discipline, takes time and practice to master. Some persevere and others falter. Some progress quicker than others. Some become elite athletes, respected by their peers. Some achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Sports Governing Bodies promote Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), coaching appropriate to the child in a series of stages. In practice, it get's even more complicated as puberty hits, as kids move from primary to secondary schools and as sport becomes more competitive.

In all cases, underage coaching is about investing in the future, helping the athlete develop from where they are today. Development is strongly coupled with retention, and therefore ties in well with supports discussed under Participation. You win when your players successfully transition to adult teams.

SURPASSPORT is your player centred team management system, uniquely allow you to understand each player's situation and to track individual development within your sport.

Player-Centred Approach

Playing multiple sports at underage is not just a reality; it is highly recommended, with the benefits of stronger joints, improved coordination and increased tactical awareness.

This adds complexity to planning, especially when competitive seasons overlap. Only SURPASSPORT connects around the athlete, and correspondingly, each team coach is connected on their Workload, Injuries and Clashing Fixtures.

Consider a strong player's unavailability as an opportunity for another player to fill those shoes, thereby benefiting from the experience and adding depth to your squad.

Biology & Maturation

Everything changes between 10 - 14 years. Early developers are afforded an artificial advantage which does not always translate into adult prowess. Late developers are at higher risks of injury and also dropout, but evidence shows that they will be more resilient players when their bodies mature.

There are also periods when growing bodies present periods of 'accelerated adaptation' for physical attributes including speed, endurance and strength. Early speed and suppleness adaptation occur before the child's growth spurt, and may remain unnoticed until the window of opportunity has passed.

Maturation is significant between ages 7 and 18 years, moving from prediction to confirmation, and allows coach to segment their squad according to development and plan sessions accordingly.

SURPASSPORT includes infrastructure to record and predict growth based on a series of skeletal measurements and also offers Maturation Assessment as a service.

Individualised Feedback

Giving feedback is key. Speaking to the team after a game or training is great, but to help each player develop, the comment must be constructive, relevant and personal.

Record this comment as part of closing out an activity, with a series of benefits: the parent is included in your coaching team; the team and club demonstrates its commitment to growth and development; and you have a record of comments issued over time.

Learning from Matches

Competition provides opportunity to test skills mastered and to drive player motivation. Focus on winning is NOT. Evidence states that an over-emphasis on winning at underage has the opposite effect, stunting skills development, encouraging short cuts and, ultimately, increased dropout rates.

So, back to the positive, what can we learn from competitive encounters? The post-match summary in the SURPASSPORT Matchplay reports on passing ball and highlighting opportunities to acknowledge contribution by mid-field and defence towards scores - or attempts.

Pre-planned substitutions help focus on ensuring sufficient game time for players, so that they too benefit from the encounter and develop to strengthen the squad and team.

Regular Assessments & Improvement

Define, Measure & Improve is a common methodology in business, and in a manner also applies to coaching sport.

Define an Assessment checklist - a series of observations that can be assessed along a 5-point scale, covering, for example, sport-specific skills.

At a scheduled activity, objectively measure each player against the checklist, essentially gauging their proficiency.

Review the results for each player, identifying strengths, rewarding improvement (compared to the previous assessment) and recommending areas for improvement, perhaps coupled with some exercise or practice tips.

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