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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

SURPASSPORT in support of coaching for
Performance and Competition

As a team coach, we know that preparing the full squad is key to performing. We also know that we rely on a couple of exceptional individuals who sprinkle a little magic that lifts the whole team.

Are we doing the best for our players? Especially when they play on other teams? It may be reasonable to expect exclusive access at elite sports, but the vast majority of competitive teams share players with other teams: club & county, with school or college; and across also sports.

SURPASSPORT is your player centred team management system, uniquely keeping all coaches "on the same page" for their players, sharing data needed to understand each individual's situation and to facilitate informed conversations with players, management and occasionally, coaches from their other teams.

Player Welfare is NOT about preventing players from playing, but MAXIMISING their availability to play when needed.

Workload Consistency

For athletes and teams preparing for competition, the biggest controllable risk affecting success is injury. Thankfully, there has been massive research into the relationship between activity and risks of own injury, allowing coach and athlete to proactively prepare training plans to keep own injuries to a minimum.

The unit of activity is "workload" and is a measure of Duration X Intensity, tracked for every activity, for every player. The aim is to minimise "spikes" in either training or competition, aiming instead to gradually increasing loading for a smoother, more consistent pattern, appropriate to the standard of competition.

Coaches using SURPASSPORT have access to two measures of Workload on an individual basis: Computed Workload based on activities recorded by the coach on SURPASSPORT; and optionally, Subjective Rate of Perceived Exertion (sRPE), requested of the athlete after every session. sRPE. The Acute : Chronic Workload Ratio (A:CWR) is continuously calculated for each athlete, and colour scored to Highlight optimal consistency corresponding to minimum risks of own injury.

This is available to both coaches and the athlete (or parents) and all coaches, across all teams to serve as a visible indicator and prompting a timely conversation when necessary.

Recovery from Injury

When Injury strikes, the athlete needs time to recover and coaches need to understand the recovery. For an extended and structured recovery, player, coaches, teachers and /or therapist work together to support a safe return to play.

Using the SURPASSPORT Return to Play infrastructure, recovery is coordinated with all interested parties, advising them as recovery passes through each stage. Injuries are highlighted to coaches on team sheets, visually on workload patterns and automatic decline on availability for activities that exceed the recommended intensity.

Daily Symptoms Monitoring tracks progress, informing when to advance to the next stage. And when the recovery protocol has successfully completed, it is important that workload is restored gradually, avoiding "spikes" and the associated elevated risks of re-injury.

Subjective Wellbeing

Fitness is a physiological state, but being fit does not guarantee optimal performance. Anxiety, soreness and sleep, for example, equally impact performance. Exams contribute to anxiety levels. Poor sleep impacts recovery and alertness. Low soreness may allow for increased training loads.

Performance orientated teams can enable Daily Wellbeing tracking across multiple values, helping athletes monitor their own readiness and provides coach with insights into how the players feel in preparation for competition.

Performance Metrics

Recording performance values over time is core to developing performance in athletes. SURPASSPORT provides Metrics Tracking , allowing coach to identify improvements for each athlete. As an athlete-centric platform, SURPASSPORT enables sharing of standard metrics across squads, delivering a richer picture of what and how the athlete is doing.

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  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

  • Basketball Ireland

    Tracking workload and more for the Irish Juvenile International squads.

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

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