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SURPASSPORT goes beyond efficient messaging and scheduling, analysing data for each athlete to score key measures, such as their individual workload. It uniquely and securely shares such scores and activity summary with teachers and coaches across teams and clubs, informing each child’s individual needs in training and physical development.


SURPASSPORT differs from other team communications, including SMS, email, and social messaging apps, in that it sends only relevant and useful notifications, from only the children's teams. Messages arrive in a single, clear channel, and can be actioned directly, as needed.

SURPASSPORT also uniquely offers multiple user access, so that spouse, guardians, minders and grandparents can easily be authorised to access the child's profile, and when they turn 16, why not grant them access too. Responding to key messages is notified to the other authorised users, so that noting availability for a match is neither missed or duplicated.

Other useful tools include an autoresponder, for when you are on holidays; two weeks forward visibility of upcoming activities; and the ability to integrate SURPASSPORT onto your device calendar.


Only useful notifications, from only your kids' teams


Two week visibility of upcoming activities, making weekends easier

Medical Notes

Highlight your child's condition, eg. insulin dependence, for all coaches


See what the coaches see .. and how it compares to the average


Be assured that only authorised individuals can access your child's data


Better insight into consistency of workload

Private by design

SURPASSPORT is a data sharing tool and information to support your child safety and development is shared with teachers and sports coaches, much like you would face to face.

Rest assured that your child’s data is only shared with your permission and only with those who have been authorised by the school or club’s player welfare officer.

You can extend access to your child’s profile to your partner or spouse, a grandparent or other carer so that they see activities, receive notifications and can respond when needed. You can revoke authorisations at any time.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and work hard on our infrastructure to ensure compliance with Data Privacy and Child Protection.

Some Common Questions

My teams don't use SURPASSPORT?

SURPASSPORT can really help coordinate sports commitments within the family. Add adults and children over 16, and each can view and set their scheduled activities as they become aware of them.

Once the activity is completed, confirm this with the App and the workload scoring is automatically updated. This allows you to monitor your family's consistency, perhaps motivating to do a little more, or occasionally including a justified rest day.

Lastly, why not show your records to the team coach, and suggest that they arrange a pilot?

 Can my school to use SURPASSPORT?

Absolutely! A recommendation from you will let the teacher know that you value the App and that notice of upcoming school fixtures is important to you as it helps you better plan your time.

The recommendation process is fully supported within the App. Simply go to the athlete's page, and select the add Teams & Squads button. Complete the form, confirm the preview message and SURPASSPORT will issue the message to the teacher.

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