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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

SURPASSPORT simplifies the way your child’s sports team communicates with you. Designed by a parent for parents, it helps busy families to plan ahead and avoid last minute panic over missed training sessions or confusion over fixture locations and times.

Your phone will no longer be bombarded with notifications as every other parent responds to messages, ensuring you don’t miss the messages that matter to you. Communication is directly between you and your child’s coach and only relevant to your child. It is more than simply messages: securely add your child’s medical conditions, allergies and injuries, and the coach will always have this information to hand. If your child plays for more than one team, or if you have more than one sporty child it’s the app you’ve been waiting for!

Because you’re not alone, you can add other people to your child’s profile – SURPASSPORT allows multi-user access. So go ahead and add another parent, grandparent, guardian or minder, at no extra cost. The smart notification system will record responses to messages and notify other users when needed. This means that no one misses out on a message and it avoids the confusion of duplication. When your child turns 16 you can give them the same level of access too. If circumstances change, for example when you change childminder, you can also withdraw access at any time.

There are plenty of other clever features like autoresponder – handy for when you’re on holidays – and you can plan for future matches and training or preemptively set your child’s attendance. You can even integrate it with your device’s existing calendar.

SURPASSPORT isn’t just about making your life simpler as a parent: more importantly it helps reduce your child’s risk of injury due to overtraining. By providing a central place to record your child’s sports activities you, their coach, teacher and club better understand your child’s sporting involvement. They can plan training and competitions accordingly, and if your child is injured, help them recover and return to full fitness. You can even record how much your child enjoyed the match or training session – because sport is not all about winning.

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Key Features


Only useful notifications, from only your kids' teams


Two week visibility of upcoming activities, making weekends easier

Medical Notes

Highlight your child's condition, eg. insulin dependence, for all coaches


See what the coaches see .. and how it compares to the average


Be assured that only authorised individuals can access your child's data


Better insight into consistency of workload

Private by design

SURPASSPORT is a data sharing tool and information to support your child safety and development is shared with teachers and sports coaches, much like you would face to face.

Rest assured that your child’s data is only shared with your permission and you can always see those who have been authorised by the school or club’s player welfare officer and the information they can access.

You can extend access to your child’s profile to your partner or spouse, a grandparent or other carer so that they see activities, receive notifications and can respond when needed. You can revoke authorisations at any time.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and work hard on our infrastructure to keep it safe in compliance with Data Privacy and Child Protection.

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Used by

  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

  • Naas GAA

    Coordinating Juvenile Hurling team availability and attendance.

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