Everyone Benefits

Engineering for Value

SURPASSPORT is a comprehensive athlete-centric sports management platform with specific emphasis on promoting player welfare, assuring child protection and supporting athlete development, with users sharing in the benefits according to their role and responsibilities. We ensure that each feature is easy to use and simplifies every task.

Parent and Coach

SURPASSPORT enables sharing of athlete data and the table below lists key features and how they benefit parent and coach.

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Feature Parent Coach
Notifications Unified relevant messages only Appropriate contacts only; Automatic reminders and change notifications
Fixture Planning 2 Weeks advance notice Map out a whole season for better overview; Identify fixture conflicts within the club / school
Medical Notes Highlight a medical condition to every coach Know your team's medical risks, especially for supporting players
Workload Scoring Keep activity level consistent; Increase workload gently Know each player's activity levels, across all sports and teams
Attendance See what the coach sees Easily track attendance at training and fixtures; Report on attendance for whole squad
Availability Indicate availability to any event; Set autoresponder for holidays! Actively request availability for matches; see responses on team sheets, including reasons for non-availability
Lifts & Transport Need a lift? Or can bring someone? Get notified when your child is placed with a driver Know how players are travelling to away fixture
Supporting Players Get notified on fixtures and confirm availability Base team mentors retain control; Receiving mentors can access workload, medical info and emergency contacts.
Multiple Guardians Share access and activities with spouse; guardian, minder and / or grandparent; internal notifications to avoid duplicate or missed responses to matches Notifications automatically distributed; Additional emergency call option on Athlete record
Add Own Activities Track school or other team schedules ahead of time; Track 'own practice' too; Provides more accurate workload score Always up-to-date, with more detailed insight into player's external workload
Monitoring Fun Rate enjoyment after each activity Monitor team 'mood' and spot exceptions; develop awareness of declining enjoyment in individuals

Coach and Club

SURPASSPORT includes advanced team management and match preparation options, listed below with summary of how they benefit coach and club.

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Feature Coach Club
Team Sheets Allocate jerseys and set position ahead of time, or in the dressing room Helps with athlete development and can highlight premature specialisation
Match Play Track scores, scorers, assists and substitutions Monitor game time according to age-graded guidelines
Vetting Receive pending expiry notification Manage vetting status in a secure, controlled way. Only Child Protection officer can access
Mentor CPD Your coaching education records, always to hand Track compliance of required training; Helps to identify training needs

Club and Association

SURPASSPORT is a platform which supports data sharing according to real-world relationships. Governing bodies and associations are supported.

We are still discovering what is important to associations to help monitor player welfare and athlete development, and invite you to contact us to start a dialogue on how SURPASSPORT can advance player welfare across your association.

Click on the feature title to read a detailed explanation of how it works.

Feature Club Association
LeagueManager Automatically synchronise league fixtures to the squad Prepare and manage leagues, delegate access, export & publish draws, standings and playoffs