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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

SURPASSPORT is a comprehensive athlete-centric sports management platform with specific emphasis on promoting player welfare, assuring child protection and supporting athlete development, with users sharing in the benefits according to their role and responsibilities. We ensure that each feature is easy to use and simplifies every task.

Parent / Player and Coach

SURPASSPORT enables sharing of athlete data and the table below lists key features and how they benefit parent and coach.

Multiple Guardians

Athlete, spouse, minder, grandparent. Secure access for the real world.

Medical Notes

Highlight medical condition to every, who then knows their teams risks and needs


Indicate availability, whether asked or not, because coach needs to know


Keep activity level consistent and build gradually to minimise injury risks

Daily Wellbeing

Monitor daily sleep quality, energy levels and soreness for the player and team

Monitoring Fun

Monitor team 'mood' and observe declining enjoyment for timely intervention

Easy Notifications

Only relevant messages for parents; Only appropriate recipients for coach.

Fixture Planning

Map out season fixtures & training to identify clashes and give parents notice


One-tap attendance tracking; review for team and parent sees what coach sees

Lifts & Transport

Need a lift? Or can bring someone? Get notified when your child goes with a driver

Activity Breakdown

Structure your session, for planning, for records and as an agenda for your team

Trophy Tracker

Ensure that all players get to bring the trophy home. And know who has it.

Athlete Own Activities

Track school or other team schedules ahead of time; Track 'own practice' too.

Coach and Club

SURPASSPORT includes advanced team management and match preparation options, listed below with summary of how they benefit coach and club.

Auto-assign Bibs

Expose kids to all players, breaking down barriers and to build trust.

Supporting Players

Once a player is linked, they are full members of the team, for that game.

Team Sheets

Allocate jerseys and set position ahead of time, or in the dressing room.

Match Play

Scores, scorers, assists and substitutions, reporting on impact and play time.

Vetting Status

Manage vetting status in a secure system with proactive expiry notifications.

Mentor CPD

Coach education records, always to hand, highlighting required training needs.

Club and Association

SURPASSPORT is a platform which supports data sharing according to real-world relationships. In addition to Athlete - Team and Team - Club linkage, Club - Association affiliation defines a data access and security framework for National Governing Bodies and Regional Associations, as appropriate.

Athlete Templates

Many sports and clubs require athletes to provide additional information, such as their school, their experience level or additional consents.

SURPASSPORT supports a flexible framework to define such additional questions, which are presented to the athlete, either during registration, or by means of a directed request to each player.

Building on Club - Association relationships integral to SURPASSPORT, such question sets (templates) can be referenced by affiliated clubs, which in turn provides a secure means for responses to be aggregated and reported at Association level.

Contact Us for more information on how this can help your Association.

Performance Metrics

Metrics, such as 5000m times, hop-skip-jump distances or bleep test runs, build a richer athlete picture as the child enters the LTAD Train2Train stages.

Around this time, many sports introduce performance academies and development squads, perhaps based on a selection or try-out session. As with all spot samples, performance on the day may present an incomplete impression.

For example, a kid might be recovering from a cold at a team try-out, and therefore be observed as less fit than their peers. However, they are generally solid, as demonstrated by a history of competitive Parkrun times.

The performance metrics infrastructure allows the safe and secure storage of times, distances, heights and other results, and (with permission) are visible to coaches with whom the athlete has a relationship.

Contact Us on how this can support talent spotting within your Association.

League / Competition Management

SURPASSPORT is a connected, data sharing platform, and a natural extension of helping coach manage their team, is to connect team activities with their respective leagues and competitions.

LeagueManager facilitates easy entry by the team coach, and once entered, fixtures automatically become team activities. Scheduled changes to fixtures are automatically synchronised with all teams, as are scores when fixtures are fulfilled.

Our unique eligibility scoring, including age bounds, gender and team size, present a compliance mark to the fixture coordinator and opponents, avoiding the need to print and share team sheets.

Competition organisers spend considerably less time preparing draws and communicating fixtures, can easily delegate to division coordinators and when results are confirmed, standings tables and play-off draws can automatically update.

After all, most competitions are run by volunteers, and LeagueManager helps make best use of their time.

Visit LeagueManager for more information or Contact Us to discuss how we can help.

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Used by

  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

  • Basketball Ireland

    Tracking workload and more for the Irish Juvenile International squads.

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