Value Pricing

Sharing the Responsibility

Supporting children to develop in Sport is a responsibility shared between parents, teachers and club coaches. Our commercial model follows a similar mode, where everyone contributes to ensure that the service benefits as many juvenile athletes as possible.

No advertising.
No product placement.
No sharing of data for marketing purposes.

Your subscriptions fund the SURPASSPORT service.

All users get to experience the benefits, with account billing activating a minimum of 30 days after registration, and only when specified thresholds have been reached.

A subscription guideline is offered, but this can be adjusted to reflect the value received. You choose the actual amount to pay.

Clubs are required to pay. Billing activated a minimum 30 days, when one of 2 sections, 5 squads, 50 athletes or 50 activities have been recorded
Guide: €20 to €85 per month
Schools are expected to pay. Billing activates after 30 days and offers support for unlimited teams, players, sports and teachers.
Guide: €25 per year
Parents and Guardians are invited to pay. Billing covers all parents and children in a household and activates after at least 30 days and when at least 20 activities have been recorded.
Guide: €12 per year

All prices are inclusive of VAT and, while subject to minimum transaction values, you choose the actual amount to pay.

SURPASSPORT uses ➚ for secure payments processing, is integrated into the software and supports most credit and debit cards.

Commercial organisations and professional practitioner licences, for example for personal trainers, kids clubs and dance studios, are also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to link in with the SURPASSPORT network.