Bleep Testing and Performance Metrics

Regular performance testing plays a role in long term athlete development, for emerging athletes aged 13 or so years onwards, and always in context, of course.

That might mean tracking 5k timeshop-skip-jump distances, or the auld faithfulbleep test runs.

SURPASSPORT provides secure storage for these metrics with the athlete profile, with easy reference to historical values when needed, at squad, club and academy levels. Such metrics can help coach demonstrate fitness improvement over a longer period, or equally can help spot unexplained dips in performance a little earlier.

SURPASSPORT includes common measures as standard, but allows clubs and associations to optionally define their own, if needed.

As with other athlete data on SURPASSPORT, recorded measurements are visible to parents on the athlete profile, with results from all sources visible in a single time series. Furthermore, when an ‘Own Activity’ of type Race is recorded, the athlete (or parent) are given an option to record their time over the race distance, including if it was officially timed and where the race took place.

Performance metrics are intended to support an objective measure of improvement over time, helping to motivate and reward the athlete within their coaching environment, and perhaps helping to offset an isolated poor performance at a selection event.

How it works

  1. At team or squad level, select the metrics to be tracked.
  2. Using the worksheet provided, record values for each athlete as recorded at the session.
  3. View squad values, from the latest values and their best values, and drill down to each player’s individual record

Standard measures


  1. Active Energy (energy)
  2. Max Heart Rate (number)
  3. Steps (number)

Track & Field

  1. 60m (time)
  2. 100m (time)
  3. 200m (time)
  4. 400m (time)
  5. 800m (time)
  6. 1500m (time)
  7. 3000m (time)
  8. 5000m (time)
  9. 10000m (time)
  10. marathon (time)
  11. 60m hurdles (time)
  12. 100m hurdles (time)
  13. 110m hurdles (time)
  14. 400m hurdles (time)
  15. 3000m steeplechase (time)
  16. Long jump (distance)
  17. Triple jump (distance)
  18. High jump (height)
  19. Pole vault (height)
  20. Shot put (distance)
  21. Discus throw (distance)
  22. Hammer throw (distance)
  23. Javelin throw (distance)


  1. Bleep Test (shuttle runs)

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