Daily Wellbeing and other subjective measures

Daily Wellbeing and other subjective measures

How well did you sleep?

Are you sore?

Are you worried?

These and similar qualitative and subjective questions are becoming more relevant in determining a player’s and, correspondingly, a team’s readiness to compete.

How it works

  1. The coach enables tracking for one or more Wellbeing measures for their team, triggering a request to each player to activate and track their values on a daily basis.
  2. The player, or their parent, receives the notification and can choose to enable some or all of the measures. Measures that were previously activated will not be requested again, and the settings can be changed at any time by editing the Athlete Profile.
  3. SURPASSPORT will send a notification each morning requesting entry of the values. This message is sent before breakfast, as this is the preferred time to record such values.
  4. Tracked values are presented on the Athlete’s own page, allowing the previous 30 day patterns to be reviewed.

  1. Coach can view the Wellbeing 30 day patterns for their squad alongside workload and other time-related measures.
  2. Wellbeing values entered the morning of a match / training are also shown on the Activity Details

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