Onsite: Maturation Assessment at WIT Arena

Maturation Assessment at WIT Arena

Many thanks to John Windle and the team at WIT Arena for hosting SURPASSPORT #MaturationAssessment in their #HighPerformance Gym to determine #BiologicalAge and #GrowthTiming as part of their Summer Soccer Academy programme.

Imaging telling a 13 year old “to head on up to the High Performance Gym for your Maturation Assessment“, especially when they are already training on one of the best all-weather surfaces in the country. That’s what the Academy coaches did, and the resulting enthusiasm was real. It was great to chat with the lads about their sport, their teams and their training.

The Maturation Assessment uses a series of skeletal measurements to determine each individual child’s growth timing, and help identify corresponding “windows of accelerated adaptation” for speed, stamina, and for when the lads are a little older, strength.

This is central to coaching to each child’s individual development and according to their Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stage, and the report generated by the SURPASSPORT Maturation Assessment helps the coaches determine a strength & conditioning programme, not only for the squad, but age-appropriate, that is, biological-age appropriate for each individual.

Read more about the Maturation Assessment or Contact Us to learn more or to book an Assessment for your squad or academy.

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