Medical Alerting and Consent in Sport

Medical Notes and Consent in Sport

You invite some players to support your team for an away match. The host team generously organised tea and sandwiches, but as you enter the room, you notice that one of the supporting kids stops and scans the room. Asking if everything is ok, he replies: ``I can't eat anything here .. I'm gluten intolerant``. Not good!

This equally applies to a myriad of other conditions including insulin dependence and autism. Regular coaches learn their players' particular requirements, but what happens when the kid attends a camp, starts with a new team, or develops a temporary condition? Does the coach remember to tell the referee about the player with the hearing loss?

Having a medical condition does not exclude a player from participating in sport. However, it is important that the coaching team are fully aware of the condition. But are they reminded every time they field their team? Do parent’s remember to tell the new coaches of their child’s particular needs?

On SURPASSPORT, the parent (or athlete when old enough) can set any / all applicable medical conditions, optionally including blood type. A summary of conditions for the team are highlighted on every team sheet, reminding the coach and helping to ensure that each player is catered for.

In loco parentis

The medical record also confirms in loco parentis consent, and should it be needed, coach has the player’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact details to hand too.

How it works

  • The parent (or player) sets the medical condition on their athlete profile, optionally including blood type.
  • Parent also indicates in loco parentis consent.
  • That’s it. Each team sheet will clearly indicate the condition, helping the coach or teacher to make appropriate decisions.

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