Monitoring fun and enjoyment

Monitoring fun and enjoyment

Sport is a pastime, but one that plays a significant role in our physical health, our mental health and in our sense of identity. It’s more than an opportunity for glory. It’s fun! Or is it? This can be a real challenge to monitor, especially when children don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

How it works

  1. SURPASSPORT automatically issues a post-activity notification to ask How did Lucy enjoy today’s Challenge Match?, offering four smiley faces.
  2. For children, parents then ask the important question, and decouple enjoyment from success. Youth and adult players with access respond for themselves.
  3. Activity attendance records show the ‘smiley’ responses, allowing coach to review and monitor.

A response of “Not at all” with a note triggers a notification to the coaching team, ensuring that they become aware of the feedback and can take an appropriate action.

Training for “Fun” is central to juvenile coaching. We also know that performance and fun are closely related, with enjoyment building anticipation, stimulating own practice & learning and taping into a little extra effort when competing.

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