Monitoring player wellbeing

How an athlete feels is now recognised as a key factor in determining potential performance.

As a coach, you want to know of any issues as early as possible, to allow you to work with the player or to make appropriate decisions in advance of training or competition.

SURPASSPORT supports regular monitoring of a range of subjective Wellbeing measures, ranging from Sleep to Motivation to Soreness. Once enabled and confirmed by the athlete, they receive a notification to their phone early each morning asking them to record their Wellbeing values.

Select your squad / team

Switch to 'Athletes' view

Enter 'Options' mode

Select Wellbeing options

Each athlete receives a request to enable tracking of the selected measures. Once enabled, a daily reminder is issued early each morning, ready for data entry.

Athlete Wellbeing responses are visible on their ‘Passport’ page (accessed from the Squad – Athletes list), and comparative views are available when selecting the ‘Wellbeing’ filter option, also on the Athlete’s list view.

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