Adrian Geissel,
Founder & CEO.

SURPASSPORT sparked in early 2018 after the realisation that children who play sport, play with more than one team and represent multiple clubs and school.

Understand each individual's circumstance.


Give them the time to fully recover. Avoid re-injury.


Early warning on when busy becomes too much.


A deeper, stronger pool of skilled adult players.

Our Story

Each child’s individual commitments makes it very difficult for any one coach to plan for their team and its players, occasionally with significant outcomes where players became unnecessarily injured, or drop sport all altogether due to burn out.

Adrian’s background as a scientist, a dad, coach and software engineer allowed him to package a deep understanding of modern sports science and player welfare into an easy to use App that simplifies the admin burden associated with managing a team while presenting parents with a refreshingly tidy communications tool.

Knowing more about what those kids are involved in helps coach make decisions that help nurture talented athletes and in doing so, opens more opportunity to develop the whole team. Knowing what’s happening a little earlier also helps parents make decisions sooner, informing the coach in the process, and removing stress from weekends.

Building on a successful pilot with his son’s hurling team in Summer 2018, SURPASSPORT has gone from strength to strength, engaging team coaches, club officers and national governing bodies. The core emphasis on player welfare (“doing the right thing for the player”) influences every facet of the application, and has since expanded beyond measuring workload to take account of biological development (ages 10 – 14 years), track wellbeing & fun, store performance data (ages 13+) and to coordinate the recovery from injury.

Minimising risks of injury is another central theme, because injured players cannot play, and chronically injured kids are more likely to stop sport all together. Even if the kids is not injured, excessive workload is linked to burnout, again, with too many underage players ‘retiring’ before the age of 18. That’s not good for the sport, for the club, for the team, and least of all, for the player.

SURPASSPORT aims to help coaches move the dial, just a little, without compromising their competitive ambitions, but rather the opposite, in helping to ensure that they have a deeper, stronger pool of players to draw on, for when it matters.


Best Start-up / New Business,
South Dublin County Business Awards 2019


Local Enterprise Awards South Dublin Ireland 2019, 2020.
Best Innovation in Business, South Dublin County Business Awards 2019

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