Return to Sport

Looking for the complete Return to Sport solution? Our open and flexible platform will support all elements of your protocol.

Flexible questionnaire templates

Our powerful forms engine supports Covid-19 protocol questionnaires, allowing players or their parents to quickly complete the form from any device.

Team Availability or Club Night operating model

Connected with the “can you play” availability process, the Covid-19 form is only presented to those coming and must be completed as part of the confirmation.

For “club nights”, members can indicate their intent to attend, completing the Covid-19 declaration, and either chose or are assigned an available time slot.

Alert on Exceptions

The analyser scans every response and raises an alert to the Covid officer(s) when a “Yes” answer is detected, avoiding manual check of every submission.

Smart Self-declaration forms with automated alerts and notifications

Let the software manage your self-declarations and to alert you when exceptions arise
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Athlete, Coach and Guest attendance

One-tap attendance entry for coaches and players. Guests easily added using just their name and email and / or mobile number.

Recent Contacts report

Easily report on all contacts from the preceding 14 days, each with dates and details for adults, and parent / guardian details for under-18s.

Member contacts

Members, or their parents, can easily update their contact details, ensuring that their preferred contact details are always up to date.

No need to maintain a separate Contact-tracing Register

Contact-tracing is a natural by-product of tracking attendance and availability for your team.
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Assisted set-up

Let us make things easier for you – we can configure your Club structures, teams & coaches and then import your players, ready to go.

User activation

All users will automatically receive a personal activation link by email or SMS. Our Helpdesk are at hand to help if they get stuck.

Technical support

Unlimited technical support – simply email Fair usage applies.

We help our clients to get up and running as quickly as possible

Club configuration, protocol requirements encoded and member profiles imported. All for only €100!
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Controlled access

Covid-19 self-declarations and reports are only available to the Club or Section Covid Officer(s) and team Manager.

Data retention

Optionally set a retention timeframe for self-declaration responses. Once expired, the records are automatically deleted.

Data encryption

All data is encrypted while transmitted across the internet. In addition, sensitive data, including questionnaire responses, are encrypted when stored.

Data protection and security, built for the way sport works

SURPASSPORT operates as Data Processor to your Club's Data Controller: we keep your data safe.
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With flexible infrastructure to support Return to Sport, SURPASSPORT easily supports all sport-specific protocols.

SURPASSPORT simplifies and automates Covid-19 Return to Sport requirements for Clubs, governs by exception and reassures parents and volunteers alike that best practices are in place.

Return to Sport

No new processes. Just making better use of the processes already familiar to coaches and parents.

Individual & Team Sports

Squads, Teams or Age-groups. Social, Youth or Elite. Indoor or Outdoor. All supported.

Return to School

Operating under different protocols, Schools are completely supported for students and staff.

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Let our experience help you standardise and streamline your Return to Sport protocol requirements.