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Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of our more common support queries. This doesn't mean that we don't want to talk to you.

How can I login with my browser?

Using your browser, visit

If you haven’t set a password, or can’t remember it – no worries. Just request a “1-Time” password.

I didn't receive a link for my team

If you’re expecting it by email, please check your spam folder (and mark it as Not Spam).

If it hasn’t arrived, you can try to login on and request a “1-time” code. All failing, check with your coach to ensure that you / your child were added to the squad.

My link no longer works

The link you received from your coach by email or SMS is individual and only valid until you activate your login.

Our regular login is on and simply request a “1-time” password if you can’t remember the one you set.

Can I grant access for my teenage child?

Yes, with your permission, of course.

Edit their profile and add them as an authorised user. They receive and reply to notifications, but are not directly contactable..

Can I add my partner to receive notifications?

Of course. Click the edit icon on the player profile, add one or more Authorised Users at the base of the form.

They’ll start receiving notifications as soon as they have activated.

Will I receive messages from all coaches?

Yes, for your / your child’s teams who use SURPASSPORT.

You can always recommend for other coaches to use the App and then these messages will also come in via the App. Click the [+] Add Squad, enter the details and the invite will issue automatically.

Need to ask our Helpdesk?

No Problem! Complete the form below or send an email to