Who has the trophy? Who gets it next?

Who has the trophy? Who gets it next?

All your hard work paid off and you won the league. Well done!

Well almost… one more coaching responsibility to go: to make sure that all the team get to spend time with the trophy.

SURPASSPORT provides a trophy tracking utility to helps you keep track of who has the trophy, when it’s due back and who is due to get it next.

How it works

  1. Record the trophy name, date and details.
  2. Enable tracking and select qualifying activities to add players who played with the team, including supporting players from another squad
  3. The sequence of players is intentionally shuffled
  4. Tap the player who gets to take the trophy home, setting a date by when the trophy should be returned
  5. A notification is issued to parents informing them that they have the trophy and includes the return date

  1. An automated reminder is issued to the parent(s) on the day when the trophy is due back
  2. Coach can confirm when the trophy is returned, and optionally assign it to the next player

  1. Coach also confirms whe the trophy is returned to the competition organisers, closing out the tracker from further changes.

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