Data Privacy

You data will never be profiled for advertising or marketing purposes. Its sole purpose is to give coaches more information about their players.

Informing coach
for each player

Surpass Sport Systems Ltd. (SURPASSPORT) provides software and data storage services to clubs & schools to support their safeguarding, data privacy and player welfare duties, and in doing so, extends access to athletes (or their parents) for communication and scheduling. wellbeing, workload and activity summaries are shared with athlete (or parental) consent with clubs & schools for the purposes of informing coaching decisions and player welfare.
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    Data Processor for Organisations

    For Sports Clubs, Schools, Competition Committees and Governing Bodies, we act as Data Processor to the Organisation's role as Data Controller.

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    Data Controller for Individuals

    For Athletes, Parents, Guardians and other End Users, we act as Data Controller, providing safe storage of their personal data.

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    Academic Research

    We may, from time to time, publish statistical or academic reports, but only when we can guarantee that no individual can be identified from such reports.

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