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Enabling organisations to innovate on new ways to help keep kids (of all ages) stay active and involved in sport.

About Us

Founded in 2018, we built a scalable and secure cloud-platform built specifically to improve participation and outcomes in sport, fronted by a growing family of mobile and desktop Apps.
Our innovation includes extracting insights from mundane data, to better inform long-term athlete development, to reduce risks of injury, burnout and dropout and to simplify alignment with best practice.
As a technology, our model extends beyond Youth Sport enabling delivery of solutions for Active Communities, Social Integration and other initiatives to promote sustainable physical activity throughout life.

The following showcase some of our solutions, each of which work great on their own, but spark more than a little magic when connected through our platform. We're always happy to explore how our infrastructure can solve data challenges in support of health, wellbeing and the fun of being active.

Able Active

Your app to find trails and amenities near you, guided by detailed information, real-time data and peer accessibility ratings, allowing you to enjoy nature with your friends and family


The modern sports app that simplifies team communications, scheduling and match preparation so that coaches can focus on what they do best: coach the players!
Works best for individual teams, multi-team clubs and underage academies.

Kildare Active

This App and Website for Kildare Sports Partnership helps neighbours to stay active together and is your gateway to our participation events. Or simply use it to plan your own or your family's outdoor activities.

Find My Sport - Trail Segment

Find My Sport

Scalable location-based data platform combining local and national trails, amenities, clubs, services and events and enabling innovation 
to promote an active lifestyles for all.
The platform works with Open Data, easily integrating with existing assets and we also offer geo-coding from any resource as a service.

Events Registration and Management

Our platform fully supports registration, payment and management for sports camps, activation programmes, participation events and challenges.
Benefit from Safeguarding, Volunteer Management and Activities planning.

Maturation Assessment

Maturation Assessment

Experienced assessors measure and record heights, arm-span and weight for children aged 9 - 14 years. This data is processed to calculate when peak growth occurs, to predict adult height and identify the most opportune training emphases.
This technology can be licensed or assessments can be delivered as a service.

Pathway App -Workload

Long-term Player Development

Our first passion was to support grassroots sports coaches working with young athletes, to better inform on workload, monitor subjective feedback and to support each child's development along their individual pathway.

Leagues -- Standings

League Management

Our Leagues App greatly simplifies planning and running a league or tournament by enabling coordinator delegation, automated processing of results and subsequent publication to website pages.


Our platform includes advanced research infrastructure, with progressive questionnaires, ethics and consents management and automated time-offset follow-ups.

Digital Contact-tracing

COVID-19 Return to Sport

Integrated support for sport-specific 'Return to Sport' protocols, including digital contacts register, self-declaration questionnaires and automated alerts, massively reducing effort for teams and clubs returning to regular activity.

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