Whether you volunteer with a team, a club or represent a sports governing body, our aim is to ensure that your ambition is a winner.

Designed for community sport.

Bring your challenge to us! It may already have a solution. Or we'll work to solve it with you.

Sport-specific solution

Third-party platform integrations; additional data tracking; bespoke business rules. All in our stride.

Managed network rollout

For sports bodies, we can project manage setup and configuration for all your clubs.

Accelerated setup

Our 3-step process configures all club structures, volunteers and athletes, ready to get you running.

Orientation workshop

Presentation and Q&A for coachesparents or players, on-line or in person.

Top reasons why clubs, schools and organisations choose us

COVID-19 Return to Sport / School

We will encode your protocol requirements, integrate it completely into management workflows, taking care of Self-declarations, Recent Contacts and Data Protection.

Simplify reporting of workload for development squads

Managing athlete workload is important, but especially so when they play multiple sports and represent multiple clubs. This is the reason we founded SURPASSPORT!

Support athletes in their recovery from injury

Injuries happen as bodies are pushed to the limit. But coach(es) can help the athlete to full recovery to avoid a relapse or re-injury. SURPASSPORT coordinates communications and recovery status with all coaches across all clubs and school.

Determine athlete biological maturation status

Look at any group of 13 year olds. How can the late developers compete with the almost adults? Yet, sport favours the early developers. We help offset this bias to restore focus on developing the adult player.

Communicating securely with youths

Adult volunteers must not communicate directly with children, but few teenagers want to message through their parents. Our Safeguarding-first approach provides a secure and favoured solution.

Allow athletes to self-report biometric values

Some sports require a regular tracking of measures. SURPASSPORT enables coach to configure a schedule gathering of such values from each member of the squad.

Better mixing at training sessions

Large groups or development squads require a conscious effort to minimise barriers amongst the players. Enable Bib allocation to introduce structured mixing to your sessions.

Manage team selection from large squads

80 kids. 4 league games. No streaming. You only want to pick the teams after you know who is coming. Available and assignment to teams are easily separated, with parents and players automatically notified.

Manage volunteer vetting status

With larger clubs relying on hundreds of volunteers, keeping track of when they expire becomes a real chore, compounded at committee handover needs a better solution. SURPASSPORT will automatically notify both the volunteer and Safeguarding officer as expiry approaches, and optionally locks expired volunteers from accessing underage and vulnerable member details.

Early warning on athlete burnout and dropout

Clubs worried about dwindling numbers in teenage squads wish for an advance signals on wavering members. We can configure such an alert to address your organisations needs, permitting a proactive intervention with the member and perhaps to identify coach education needs in the process.

Working with children in sport?

What is your biggest challenge in underage sport? Run it by us. We built SURPASSPORT by responding to our user's needs and are confident that we can help. Let's start that conversation today.

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