Youth Messaging, for Sport

Providing 'Coach - Athlete' messaging supporting diverse communications models and specifcally designed for use with youths with Safeguarding oversight.

Positive Confirmation of Receipt

Neither automatic or presumptive, messages are issued with a button allowing recipients to confirm receipt.

Track acknowledgements

The summary report allows the originator to view who, and when, the message was acknowledged.

Automatically triggered

Easily add ‘Receipt Confirmation’s  to automatic notifications for when activity time, date or location are updated, or when an activity is cancelled.

For messages that need confirmation of receipt.

An efficient notification mechanism without an avalanche of SMS responses.
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Private Responses

Issue one request message. Every response is private, like a DM ‘Direct Message’.

Response management

Responses are automatically shown within the conversation, avoiding the need to trawl through an Inbox or other message stream.

Time limits

Ideal for time-sensitive requests, conversations can include an expiry target, after which they are removed from view, reducing clutter for all.

One platform. Appropriate message options.

When asking for personal feedback or opinion, keeping responses private is the only option.
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Closed groups

Discussion participants are fixed and aligned to club / team membership. Members cannot be added or removed.

No copy / paste, or forwarding

Responses remain with their conversation and cannot be forwarded or copied to other groups.

Reporting Improper Content

All recipients have an option to report a response, in which case it is instantly removed from general view and alerted to Club Safeguarding officers.

Multi-participant chat messaging, for sports teams.

Greatly simplifies 'chat' messaging in a sports team environment, for everyone's peace of mind.
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Coach - Player feedback

Supporting coach when they need to have a conversation with only one player, with oversight provided by the Club’s Safeguarding Officer and the child’s parents.

Parent - Coach conversation

For when a parent needs to initiate a conversation with team coaches.

Adult players act for themselves

While the emphasis is on youth (or juvenile) athletes, athletes can choose to remove their parents once they are aged 18 years or older.

For groups of only one.

One App for all team communications, including direct messaging between coach and player.
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Closed recipient groups

Message recipients are intrinsically linked to the coach’s team. Only when the member leaves the team are they removed from any active conversations.

Parents are co-recipients

Parents are automatically included in any conversations involving their child, with a choice to ‘mute’.

No 'Crash & Burn'

Players cannot post a message and then leave the group. Nor are messages posted ‘orphaned’. Responses remain accessible to Club Safeguarding Officers, if needed.

Reducing risks exposure for Clubs requiring messaging involving youths.

Practical and integrated messaging solution, for Clubs fostering independence in its youth members.
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Coach must not contact youth athletes directly. Teenagers do not want to communicate through their parents. Parents don't want to be stuck in between.

Designed with Safeguarding at its core, SURPASSPORT provides unique solution for messaging safely in youth sports.

Defined Audience

Groups are fixed to match existing club structures and fully integrated with team activities. No forwarding.

Smart Messages

Requiring acknowledgement, for an earlier throw-in. Feedback, for when responses are private. Discussion, for when everyone needs to be involved.

Safeguarded Always

All chat messages relating to club activities are retained indefinitely, with user alerts and moderation for flagged content.

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Let our experience help your club better manage team communications, especially those involving youth players.