Continuous Learning Record (CPD) for Coaches

Continuous Learning Record (CPD) for Coaches

Continuous Professional Development is a familiar requirement of professional accreditation, helping to keep skills current and to raise awareness of best practice. Sports clubs offer internal skills and coaching training with the same objectives, and now SURPASSPORT offers a means to track and reward those coaches who challenge themselves to keep learning.

How it works

The Child Welfare Officer has access to record additional training attendance for each mentor. In doing so, they can record the qualifying CPD hours.

The summary for each mentor then shows compliance with the required training, and the number of CPD hours undertaken in the past 12 months.

The mentor / coach can view their CPD hours on their Certificates panel too.

While there is no formal or minimum hours requirement for CPD in amateur coaching, we believe that this facility will encourage clubs to view continuous training for mentors in a new light, with a wider uptake of training provided improving coaching and the welfare of the players.

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