Return to Sport: Contact-tracing completely solved

Return to Sport: Contact-tracing completely solved

Contact tracing is a key requirement for sport, and society, to emerge from #Covid19 lockdown.

SURPASSPORT already solves the problem of scheduling training sessions, requesting availability and recording attendance, and does it well, even before #Covid19 hit. This information is now available as a Contact Tracing Report for head coach and club officers, onscreen and as a download report.

How it works

  1. Schedule training sessions, and select the players / athletes to attend.
  2. Optionally, request their availability and intent to attend, potentially substituting with another to optimise numbers.
  3. At the session, record coach & participant attendance. Unexpected attendees can be added too, if needed.
  4. That’s it!
  5. Lock the activity to prevent further changes.
  6. Duplicate the activity to schedule the next session.

When a Contact Tracing report is needed, simply open the athlete’s or coach’s profile, and view their contact history from the past 2 weeks, as it relates to your club. The data can also be downloaded for forwarding to the HSE / Contact Tracing office.

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