Individual feedback, for Individual Coaching

Coaching, especially for children, relies on giving regular, timely and constructive feedback. In a team setting, you probably have a quick chat in the dressing room after a match. But what about training? Was everyone mentioned? Do you remember what was said the last time? And when?

SURPASSPORT now supports Coach adding an individual note to each individual directly from the activity details. Once the players are marked as attended, visit the Feedback tab and the players are listed, each with space to enter a note. Save each note as your enter it. SURPASSPORT will save the note to the player’s record, and they will be send a message containing the note.

The benefits of this are that the child’s parents are aware of the feedback, get to have a positive conversation with their child in sport and can encourage further practice and training, thereby taking an active role in their child’s athletic development.

And the team & club demonstrates it’s nurturing environment and commitment to child centred coaching, with all the benefits of increased motivation, player retention and ultimately, deeper squads for adult competitions.

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